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[SDK] Is there plan for OpenGL ES2 version of iPhone and Android SDK?

Current iPhone/Android SDK only support OpenGL ES1.1, wonder if there paln for OpenGL ES2? And if do, any estimated timeline for release?

btw, is it really necessary to make the SDK close sourced? It's unlikely there's core algorithm in the playback engine, and make it open source will simply make porting to other platform easier. (Of course it's totally up to you live2d team, but do please consider the benefit )


  • You can use OpenGL ES2 version of iPhone and Android.
    Please use Live2D SDK for Cocos2d-x.
    Library in this SDK is using OpenGL ES2.(but only C++ library)
    We want to prepare Java library for Android in the near future.

    >btw, is it really necessary to make the SDK close sourced?
    To open all source code is difficult.
    But we can open a part of code in the future.

    Please provide your feedback then!
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