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License activation failed

Hello, I am having a problem with Live2D Cubism 3.2.02. It seems that my license is not valid. It shows me the message "License activation failed (1, -153)".
My license is:
LD-022 Live2D Cubism 3 PRO for indie - Subscription , Annual plan - Prepaid. It comes from CN-005 Cubism Editor 2 PRO for indie (individual & Small Business only). I have been using this license ok and it stops function. I do not know if there is a bug in the editor for licenses comming from Cubism 2 PRO.
Could you please help me with this? I need to start the work again with Cubism and time goes fast.
Thanks for your attention.
Kind regards


  • I am Pretty much the same.
    Can't use it for a day now. However, my code seem a little different.
    "Failed to update license (8)" for me.
  • I had that error. I uninstalled Cubism Editor and deleted the license files and gets this new one.
    I am waiting for a response from Live2D.
  • Update. I have solved my problem by resetting my windows 10.
    Lost all my installed program but that has to be done in my case.

    However , This seem to be a problem on glitched out on user machine data
    that does not allowed license to be update anymore (my license key
    worked when I activated on my other PC). Uninstall and deep cleaning on
    registry and configuration folder doesn't do the trick, So I expected that
    this vital file or reg file root itself in some mysterious place on your PC
  • I understand. At this time I could not reset of format my PC since I have a lot of work to do. I hope Live2D team could solve this problem quickly. I need to use Cubism 3.
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