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Please provide the following details depending on types of question

▼ For question regarding Editor, please provide:
- Live2D Software Version: (e.g. Cubism Editor 3.1.02, Euclid Editor 1.2.02)
- OS & Version: (e.g. Windows 10, macOS HighSierra)
- PC Model: (e.g. MacBookPro 2017)
- Graphics Specifications: (e.g. GeForce GTX 950M)
- Memory: (e.g. 8GB)
- Illustration Software used: (e.g. Photoshop, ClipStudio, SAI)
- Attach screenshot or capture video to show your problem:
▼ For question regarding SDK, please provide:
- For us to reproduce the issue you wish to inquire about, please provide either a minimum project file which has the issue. or specific instructions on how to reproduce the issue.
- Types and version of Cubism SDK you are using.
▼ For question regarding Cubism Software License,
For issues related to purchasing, your order, license key, and subscription, please contact us via contact form:

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Welcome to Live2D Community!

This forum is made for Live2D users to exchange knowledge, show their work, help each other, and everything else to make the Live2D community fun and vibrant.

[ Post questions, bug reports, and ideas ]
Do not hesitate to post questions, bug reports, and your ideas. Live2D staff and evangelists actively participate in this community, so some feedbacks or advise can be expected. Please note that neither answer nor solution is promised.

[ Share for others ]
Even after your question is answered, report how the answer did or did’nt work out for you. Likewise, if you managed to solve a problem on your own, share how you solved it. Small piece of knowledge you share may help big problems other users may be experiencing.

[ Let's build a respectful community ]
This forum is aimed to contribute to the friendly and helpful community of fellow Live2D users. Hateful or hostile comments and owners of such may be deleted at the discretion of the Administrator.

[ Need one-on-one consultation? ]
Optional SDK Support is available for businesses at additional costt. If you wish to purchase SDK Support, visit Live2D website.
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