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Opensource Live2D Runtime

Live2D Cubism is now free for indie creators for commercial usage, that's a great news! Thanks Live2D team!

But there's one issue which might get in the way of making Live2D more mainstream technology in game, current Live2D SDK model is the old fashion close source one, it rely on binary library (.a / .lib) to integrated into custom games. That can works, but not ideal. The problem of binary SDK is it's hard to port to other platform and usually constrained by compiler/IDE/OS etc.

As far as I know the Live2D SDK is serve as runtime for live2d file formats, and as the core value of Live2D is it's modeler and Animator, and it make sense to open source the whole Live2D runtime.

Spine ( is getting great success by open source their runtime on github ( Anyone can contribute to the improvement of the runtime while the company can focus to making their tools better. More people can access the runtime and start integrating into their apps, more people start using Live2D editors, that'll make the technology more popular. It's a win-win situation. :)
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