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Cubism [trial ver] will not save out ANY model files.

I'm trying out Cubism 3.0, so I started the free PRO trial. I cannot save out ANY model files, not .cmo3 or .cmox. When I try to save a .cmo3, I get a dialogue box that says "Failed to output. (Access is denied)," with no extra information. When I try to save as a .cmox, it acts as though it's saving properly with a loading bar and all, then when I go to find the file, there's nothing there.

I downloaded Cubism 2.1 to see if that could somehow help, maybe being compatible with the files would reveal them, but no, there just aren't any files.

I've troubleshot as much as I can w/ my limited knowledge of the program. I'm super stuck.


  • Found a work around-- I was able to save to an external hard drive, which makes me suspect there may be a hardware compatibility issue, but I'm not sure. Glad I don't have to forgo the program entirely, the workflow and results are very rewarding!
  • Sounds like a permission issue on your system, where do you attempt to save the file on?
    Normally My Documents folder will work just fine to store any files in
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