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Live2D Pricing for one-time-purchases vs. subscriptions

Hi, I'm an independent solo game developer. This means that I do EVERYTHING when I make a game in Unity.

That means I do:
  • programming
  • design
  • drawing
  • animation
  • 3D Modelling
  • uv mapping
  • texturing
  • sound
  • music
  • tech support
Since I'm just one person, it means that I don't use ALL of the related programs simultaneously. I may use a different program at different times during the day on different days.

I have a problem with subscription payment systems because the best way to make use of a subscription is if you use the software programs all month long, and I would feel obligated to use them all the time because time that is not spent with that program running is lost value.

This would not be a problem if I was running in a team-based operation where I would have a dedicated animator who was running Live2D programs all the time.

But for someone who makes video games in his spare time, and only has a small amount of that time to spend working with Live2D, a subscription plan is very poor value.

As a result, I tend to avoid using programs that rely on subscriptions, and instead only use programs that offer one-time payment plans because it allows me to decide where and when I want to use them, and when I need to upgrade them.
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