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problems with animation

A year ago we started making a game. In Cubism and Unity. A year ago the animation worked perfectly. We did not update the version of the plug-in for Unity. Only the version of Cubism was updated.
And now there were errors in the animation (see the video in the attached file)
Animation does not move smoothly. It move jerks.
In Cubism 3 animation looks good. In Unity it's not good.
We updated the plug-in to Unity. Nothing changed.
We tried different versions of Cubism. 3.0 3.0.11 3.1.02 Nothing changed.
We tried to put the animation keys in each frame to exclude the error in the direction of the animation curves. Nothing changed.
What is it?
In the attached archive, the source code and the video of how the movement is going on. I hope we can do something about it.
LMR.rar 12.1M
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