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Visual discrepancy in 0.0 and -0.0 parameter keyform

Since the release of version 3.0 I have noticed in parameters range of -1 and 1 you can set a key in value of "-0.0"
Which is kind of redundant really, I meant how come you can come up with a negative zero?

Turns out when I compared it to old v2.1 editor, it was actually -0.01. In new v3 editor the value is rounded up by one decimal. I wonder why it's changed.

Now here comes the problem. In general everyday usage, user can mistakenly set a keyform to -0.0 value while working with linked parameters. Now the user may not aware that they are setting to a -0.0 keyform, and they added another key to 0.0.

This caused a discrepancy that are hard to notice. You can see in this panel it may looks like a normal keyform with 0.0 value...

...while actually there are two keys on it, and they both amazingly shows up as 0.0!!

This is maybe a rare occasion but users may goes into trouble when they don't aware there are two center keys and caused glitches in editing, like below. The issue itself is an error in the editor design.

Now I'd like to hear from Live2D staff, this issue is present since the release of v3.0 and hasn't fixed until now.
If I may suggest maybe it's either to bring back two decimals value just like v2.1 editor or make a clear distinction in a near overlapping value like -0.01 and 0.0.

Thank you!
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