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Any way to place a 2D model in a tumblr theme?

Hello everyone, I was wondering if there was a way to place something like my mascot's live2D model in the background of my tumblr page. I've been trying to find instruction on how to do it, but no matter what keywords combination I try all I can find are live2D tutorial tumblr pages but nothing about using the models as a part of the page. Been wanting to update the page for a while and thought this would be a fun way to give a new image to it. So yeah, if you know of a premade theme that allows it or how to implement it, please let me know. Thank you


  • i think the way to go about this is to

    1- find a tumblr theme that has the background image in a specific box, meaning it's not in the background script (css) as background-align and background-repeat etc, it has to be a picture set to the location it will appear in to make it seem like a background. on tumblr themes it's usually at the buttom right of the screen. you want something like

    <div> image.png </div>

    2- find a tutorial on how to make a WebGL/ HTML5 object with live2d (it should end up with something like this: )

    3- i'm not clear on the details but what you want to do is replace the div with the still image in the theme with location of the webGL object, it might be a URL leading to the object or you might need to upload your webGL object to a personal website and link to it from there (sorry i don't know much about it)

    basically find a theme with a location already prepared for an object to be placed in the corner and replace the still image with the active character.

    sorry i can't be of more help, i don't know much about tumblr themes of webgl but maybe any of the above can help you find the right keywords to look through!
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