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parameter sliders move on their own???

hello! it's been a while ^^
i've been trying to work on my model after applying a template (chitose) but ran into a strange problem...?

what i'm trying to do:
set the parameter on the point i want to use on the slider (it is green), select a few polygons using the brush or lasso tool, and move them to where i want them to be.

what actually happens:
set the parameter on point 1, select polygons using the brush or lasso tool, the minute i move them, cubism changes the parameter slider to point 2 and THEN moves the polygons. which means all my edits are changing key form 2 not key form 1 which i'm trying to modify.

I'm used to cubism 2.0 and 2.1, so if there is something i need to disable or enable on cubism 3.x please help me find it, and if this is a bug i can provide a video or gif of the problem so it can be investigated further?
thank you!


  • okay so i messed around with the parameters in question and realized this was happening because the parameter i was trying to edit was not available??

    meaning it looked green on the parameter slider, but it wasn't actually editable (yellow).

    This happened to me on the mouth parameters which usually involve two sliders, an open-close slider and a smile-frown slider.
    I realized my problem after I accidentally joined the parameter views of both open-close and smile-frown parameters (so it had 9 points) and found that some of the points were yellow, aka the texture i was trying to edit could be modified on some of them but not others.
    this probably happened because i modified some technical details inside the parameter, and changed the range of movement from -2.0.1 to -2.0.2 which broke a few things.

    The way to fix this is to either :
    1- go to each texture and make sure it has key forms on each parameter point.
    or (the easy way)
    2- to select all the textures involved and start the parameter process from the very beginning, meaning you remove all the key forms from the parameter slider and confirm, then create new ones.

    i know i answered my own question, but i'm gonna leave the thread public in case someone runs into the same problem (so they can find it if they google it) because it was very strange behavior for the program to just move the slider on it's own!
  • Hi,

    Thank for your post. For the future reference, it would be much appreciated if you could please send us screenshot videos?

  • Hello dai san XD
    sure, i can provide a video ^^ here is what happens when i try to deform a part that is controlled by two parameter sliders.

    it looks like manually changing the range of the parameter slider when all the key forms are already established between two parameter sliders confuses live2d on which key forms are available and which are not.

    here is what i think happened:
    (I could be wrong, a programmer of live2d will know more about what is going on)
    aiueo slider was -2.0.1
    open-close slider was -1.0.1

    all 9 points were already established with different deformer shapes in each point, as per the template of Chitose.

    afterwards, i changed aiueo slider from a range of -2.0.1 to -2.0.2
    on aiueo slider I added key forms to (+2) and deleted the previous keys at (+1)
    open-close parameter was not changed, it still thinks the keyforms correspond to (+1) and doesn't appear to have key forms for (+2)
    the problem was created

    the easy solution is: removing all 9 points, making sure the range is still -2.0.2, and created 3 key form points on each parameter slider for all the parts involved.
    the lengthy solution would probably be to go to each model part and make sure it has key forms on both sliders for the new range, and then copy/paste the shapes to the new maximum and minimum range.

    if you need more information please tell me and i will see what i can do!
  • Hi renoa,

    Thank you for your inquiry. This issue was got fixed in the latest version of Cubism 3. I'd like you to let us know if the same problem happens with the latest one.


  • hello there!
    Thank you for getting it fixed! I already applied the solution to my current project but i'm glad to know it's been addressed for future users and projects ^^
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