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Use old default parameter names when exporting to Cubism 2.1 SDK!

edited June 2017 in Feature requests
I noticed due to new SDK difference, by default Cubism 3 Editor applies new default parameter names (for example, "ParamAngleX" over the old "PARAM_ANGLE_X").

But why the Editor sticking with new parameter names when we export to Cubism 2.1 SDK? I'd thought the legacy export is broken because my model doesn't move at all in 2.1 Viewer, until I noticed its because difference in parameter names.

So my current workaround is to rename all those parameters manually to correspond 2.1 SDK... but ideally it should not happen. Cubism 3 should've used old 2.1 default parameter lists when exporting to old format.

I know maybe this move to encourage users to make use of new SDK, but the app I'm currently working with only support SDK 2.1 so far, and I liked Cubism 3 UX improvements so I wanted to work with Cubism 3 instead, but keep export to legacy format.

Hope this can be put into consideration for future update.
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