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Unloading model

edited January 2017 in Help
Is it possible to unload model assets after destroying gameobject with LAppModelProxy attached?
I working on visual novel game with multiple characters and really want to control used memory to keep system requirements as low as possible. I noticed that model meshes remains and memory after destroying live2d model gameobject. Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets() do the job but causes lag spike in profiler so I am trying to figure out more effective way to unload unused live2d meshes.


  • Found a way to do this.
    Added this code to LAppModel.cs

    public void OnDestroy() { GetLive2DModelUnity().releaseModel(); }

    and this code to LAppModelProxy.cs

    void OnDestroy() { model.OnDestroy(); }

    Now all live2d meshes unloads form memory after destroying GameObject with LAppModelProxe.cs attached.
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