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Live2d vs Cacani ?

Hello, I found about Live2D software only yesterday and I am very impressed. At the same time I discovered another software called Cacani that promises similar tools for 2d animation artists.

I was wondering if you compare these two software. Where is Live2D better?

Thank you


  • They're in entirely different league. Cacani is a full animation tool, like Adobe Flash. You can draw and animate inside the program.

    Whereas Live2D is a tool to animate your flat 2D drawing. You can't draw with the program and the animation toolset is limited comparing to Cacani.

    It doesn't make Cacani is better tho. As I said they're specifically built for different purpose. Use Cacani if you want to make a full animation, while Live2D are better if you want to make an interactive 2D drawing.
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