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Animator's "Placement" timeline

My issue has to do w/ the Animator's "Placement & Transparency" timeline section; I've used this to move my model around in a scene, etc.

But the problem is... Live2d's 'Viewer' seems to ignore all "Position" changes? And the other software I've been using (Tyranobuilder) also seems to ignore "Position" within a scene.

In other words: after I've exported my MTNs and brought them into Viewer to setup/save, the model is always centered, no matter where the "Position" specifies. If I stay within Animator, I can export GIFs where the model's Position is being manipulated properly; but once I'm in Viewer (or Tyrano), the model is stuck centered within the 'scene'/frame.

Does anyone know what I should do?


  • After looking at some of the MTN files in notepad... it appears as though I didn't have the "Output Position" option checked when exporting from Animator!! So the Position data was missing all along ;)

    But this might help others if they have a similar problem; you must remember to check "Output Position", and/or "Output Zoom In/Zoom Out" when exporting MTNs!
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