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[iOS] Blurry texture

Hi Live2D-Team,

I developed my app in Unity first on Android and everything worked without problem.

Now when I build it for iOS my model is very blurry all over and I can't figure out whats causing that only on iOS.
See the screenshot below.


  • Hey @Nyanko,

    This might be due to how texture import settings are set in Unity. Do you know what settings you have applied to your textures?
  • Hi @andi.g@live2d,

    thank you for the quick reply!

    The import settings of my texture_00 file are:
    • Texture Type: Texture
    • Alpha from Grayscale: false
    • Alpha Is Transparency: false
    • Wrap Mode: Repeat
    • Filter Mode: Bilinear
    • Aniso Level: 1
    • Max Size: 2048
    • Format: Compressed
    Does the Max Size need to be 4096 because of the size of my texture in Live2D?
  • Hey, thanks for the info!
    Setting "Alpha Is Transparency" to true is basically always a good idea for textures to be used with Live2D models.
    Could you then try to set the "Format" to "Truecolor" and see how that turns out? (Although you'll end up with a texture that has a higher memory footprint).
  • @andi.g@live2d

    That did the trick (Truecolor).
    Is this a known "issue" on iOS or is it "working as intended"? Just wondering why it works on Android without any problem and on iOS it need the Truecolor option.
  • When you're selecting "Compressed" without setting platform specific overrides you might end up with different compression algorithms on Android and iOS (or with no compression at all on Android in case a device doesn't support compressed textures).
    So in case you require textures to be compressed you should always check the platform specific overrides and make sure they give the results you need. I'm not quite sure whether that counts as an "issue" or as "intended behaviour" though :D .
  • Good to know, thanks for the detailed answer! :)
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