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Uses beyond games?

I'm really liking what I see here, and am considering picking this up. However, I don't create games, I'm more of an amatuer animator. Up until recently I was using Reallusion CrazyTalk for animating artwork and photographs, giving them a pseudo 3D look and feel but all from a 2D photograph or image. However they've recently begun an abandonment of 2D, moving more into 3D head creation for their flagship product, iClone. I have little to no interest in 3D.

I've seen that this has SDK's for game making, and can generate GIF images, but is there any use beyond that? Would this be useful in movie making? Does it provide lip synching in animation/movie context, and not a game or live streaming application? Are there any examples of Live2D and the Cubism editor being used in this fashion? And finally, would this be useful for a 2D photograph as well as a layered image? I understand it's the most useful with 2D layered artwork, but how useful would it be for a single photograph or image that wasn't layered?

Thanx in advance for any responses added.


  • hello Wizaerd!
    i've seen live2d used to make music videos and short stories, is this what you mean by movie making?


    you can find more by searching on youtubefor the keyword: live2d_2015
    the animator has a lipsync tool where you write the words you want the character to say and the mouth movements will be generated automatically.
    i'm not sure what you can do with a single-layer image since i've never tried it before, but if you want to have fun trying it out go ahead! the deformers might give you interesting results!
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