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Looking for Live2D Expert For Rev-Share Game

Hello! A friend and I are currently working on a story-driven game for Floating Rock Games (our game studio, consisting of currently 4 people) and we need a few helping hands to see it through to completion. To do that, we need a few artists who are willing to ACTIVELY make art and animations for us, of the 3D variety. We are thinking of using Live2D, as we want to try using "anime-style" graphics and see how well that will go. So any experience making for art and animating for Live2D is a huge bonus.

Everyone in the project will get a split of the profits, so it may not be very much pay for you, especially if the game does not sell well. While I realize this isn't a whole lot, the project will help get you a lot of attention and publicity, which is just as valuable. It should be obvious as well, that this project is not "full-time". Everyone is currently working in their free time since they are not being paid as they work, so this will apply to you as well. (I do expect you to be doing SOME work however, otherwise why join?) Though, once we have a decent amount of work done on the game, we are going to use a patreon to see if we can get some income while we work.

The game we are attempting to deliver is a story-driven game that focuses on decision making and drama. If anyone is familiar with Telltale and their popular games, this is essentially what we want to achieve, except to take it to the next level by removing the nonsense that is quicktime events. It takes place in the typical fantasy world with otherworldly creatures, swords, magic, castles and the like.

As of right now, we are looking for about 2-3 artists, (this is a 3D game,so knowledge of modeling and animating may help) we are thinking of going with a more "realistic" anime-style for the graphics, but this might go through various different changes to see what fits the best. That being said, you have A LOT of freedom in terms of design and the like. We dont want to hamper your artistic abilities or creativity, so we want to give you some freedom in that regard. We may have some basic ideas or themes we want to convey with some designs, but most of it may fall to you. All we ask is that all artists work together and make sure the art never clashes with itself.

Those interested can shoot me an email at [email protected] or leave a reply. Thank you and I look forward to working with you!
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