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Adding new texture to existing texture using psd import layout

edited February 2016 in Help

When I am preparing models I often edit the texture in Photoshop as I am working. Re-importing the psd to update the texture is currently a bit cumbersome because it has to update the layout each time if I don't want to add new textures. But it has worked so far.

But I was curious if it is possible to add a new texture item to the existing texture map while preserving the generated layout. As explained in your tutorial video, it's easy to add a second texture map for new items. But if there is enough room on the original texture I would prefer it if I could place the new item on the same texture. It is not desired to have multiple texture maps for the same character if there is still plenty of unused space. It would be great if I could just drag the item from the second texture to the first texture in the psd import screen. I have not found a way to do this yet and could not find anything in your documentation on this topic.

I can place the new item on the existing layout with "reposition all layers freely" but this messes my entire model layout up most of the time and is thus unusable.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi,

    Thanks for using Live2D! Could you tell me the version of the modeler you are using?

    "Reposition all layers freely" should currently be the way to go in the case you are describing. I'll bring your suggestion to drag-and-drop parts from one texture to another up to the editor development team though.

    Just as you say, "Reposition all layers freely" changes the texture layout, but as the texture coordinates of the parts are changed, too, the model shouldn't end up being messed up. Judging by the quality of the image you posted, I think you are doing everything right, but just to make sure: You drag the PSD you want to re-import onto the modeler and when a message pops up, you select the PSD to re-import from the list, "Reposition all layers freely", and "OK".

    After that, whenever a "Layer with same name already exists" message appears, you select the layer that matches the "Original layer" from the dropdown and hit "OK".

    You then see the updated texture layout and by hitting "OK" return to the modeler.

    Trying the above with the 2.1.05 version of the modeler with sample data worked. The texture layout changed, but the model layout stayed intact.

    In case you're using a prior version could you update to the new version and try again? If the behavior shows up in the 2.1.05 version of the modeler would it be possible to prepare some sample data and send it over?
    Or do you need to preserve texture layout exactly?

  • edited February 2016

    Thank you for taking my suggestion for the drag and drop function in consideration! I think it would be a very handy feature to have.
    I am using the latest version that I downloaded yesterday because the program told me it was out of date [2.1.05_1] the issues unfortunately stayed the same.

    For some reason the psd keeps multiplying in this list as well and I have no idea how to remove the "older" versions.

    When updating the texture I do everything as you described, but I only get a few "layer with the same name already exists" namely the eyes.

    I first thought it was a naming issue, because it tells you about the name existing already. So I made sure to match the psd layer names with the names I gave them in the modeler, but that didn't seem to change anything either.

    I'll just describe some things I notice happening in an effort to help you find out what is going wrong.

    Here I am attempting to import the psd with reposition layers freely selected. There is no grid generated around the neck for some reason and other items are pink while others remain grey. I don't know the significance of that.

    After importing [and everything is messed up again] it seems like it has replaced the layout with the new texture map, but still uses parts of the old texture map as well. So I get weird double items like this. Maybe an issue with not replacing the old psd correctly?

    Previously I have manually re-positioned the grids over the correct items, but I don't think this should be the solution as that just takes the same amount of time as it would if I were to create a texture manually.

    I hope this helps to solve the issue. I really love the psd import function because it saves me time and the trouble of having to make a texture map and updating that manually, but right now it's more trouble then it's worth.

    Thank you!
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