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Why are my clipping masks "leaking"?

edited February 2016 in Help
Hello, i just started using Live2D 2.1 today and decided to test one of it new feature, "Masking", blinking turned out fine, but when i tried to mask the mouth area it doesn't appear normally. As you can see it have "border" around it (Masking Leak.jpg) image

...which the original file doesn't (Masking leak Original.jpg)

Solution or Explanation is appreciated. Thanks!


  • Hi,

    thanks for your interest in Live2D. I guess you are referring to the "border" around the mouth. Please try the following three things unless already done:

    1) In the Live2D Modeler enable "Apply the Dropped Color Prevention to texture" when exporting the moc file.

    2) Within Unity make sure that "Alpha Is Transparency" is enabled for the texture(s) that the model is using. You can find those settings in the inspector when selecting the corresponding texture asset.

    3) Make sure that in the same settings "Format" is set to "Truecolor".
  • Hello andi, thank you for your reply!

    However this is happened in the Modeler. I haven't export it.

  • I'm sorry that I got you all wrong. If possible, could you send me over the model? Then I could take a closer look into it early tomorrow.
  • edited January 2016
    You actually don't need to mask the mouth. Masking helps in case you want to prevent parts of an illustration that should be "behind" other parts from overflowing them. So you could use masks for preventing the teeth, the tongue and so on from overflowing the mouth. However, as lips normally "sit" on top of the mouth, you can just put them on top without masking. This approach also makes the "border" disappear. I hope this explanation helps.
    Great work for your first day with Live2D by the way!
  • Thank you andi :)

    I always try every limit of a feature. This means i must be careful on creating mouth and it's movements. Thanks again!
  • Basically you can apply smaller parts as masks to bigger parts but most of the time you end up with those "borders". You can, however, always give it a try and go with it if it looks right.
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