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「QUESTION」☆Deformer parenting issue?

edited April 2014 in Archive
Hi live2d friends、 I run into a problem with deformer、on the video tutorial and seminary [the newest video] it explain when you create deformer on certain object、 you can make a parent instant。

So I tried that method。
first I click part A and then create deformer ①、 the result is A with a deformer ①。

---- [ ] deformer ①
└----- part A

but when I want to create parent deformer、 which mean I click part A again [with previous deformer] and click create deformer、 the result is the new defomer move inside deformer 1 and GIVE AN ERROR LOG 「error log included」

---- [ ] deformer ①
|-----deformer ②
└-----part A

And what I want is:

---- [ ] deformer ②
└----- [ ] deformer ①
└----- part A

so, how to archive those effect, is that I do a wrong step or live2d bug?

Thank you



  • edited April 2014
    because spacing don't work in this forum, I change the space into dot symbol [.]

    The result give me effect like this:

    ---- [+] deformer ①
    ..........|-----deformer ②
    .........└-----part A

    but, this what I want to be:

    ---- [+] deformer ②
    .........└----- [+] deformer ①
    .......................└----- part A

    how to archive those effect?
    instantly put a new deformer into a parent of existing deformer?
  • Instead of selecting the first deformer, select the drawable object again to create another deformer that serves as a parent of both the object and the first deformer.

    To do this step-by-step, see the following page and find [Useful Hint] How to set several Deformers as a parent for one part
  • yes, as I said on the previous post Tod. I have select the drawable object again to create deformer ②, but the result still the same:

    ---- [+] deformer ①
    ..........|-----deformer ②
    .........└-----part A

    First, click “Create Deformer” button while selecting a drawable object that you want to set to be a child. [DONE]

    Click the arrow button to select the drawable object again. [DONE]

    set “Associated Deformer” [DONE]

    Result? [error]


    you can see the error video here: error.mp4

    I have tried different computer, but its always give me an error, and undesirable result.

  • Ah, you reduced the size of the first deformer. As the Documents page clearly states, "Enlarge the Deformer with pressing [Ctrl + Shift + Alt] keys."

    You can go back to change the size of the first deformer afterwards.
  • ah! I see... we must enlarge it first,
    so the deformer can go into that place.

    Here is the logic:

    I thought we must make the 1st defomer smaller, [presume a new deformer as a parents]
    so the new second deformer can be a parent of it,
    ※since child must be smaller than parents
    this my way of thinking:

    ---- [+] 2nd new deformer
    .........└----- [+] 1st deformer
    .......................└----- part A

    but Tod (staff) tells me that I'm wrong, actually Live2d make a new deformer as a child, not parents.
    that's why we must enlarge it first.

    ---- [+] 1st deformer
    .........└----- [+] 2nd new deformer
    .......................└----- part A

    "A Deformer is created.
    Enlarge the Deformer with pressing [Ctrl + Shift + Alt] keys."

    In my humbly opinion, I think it's better to add explanation
    about why we must enlarge it or simply add "important" sign,
    or add sentences like "Enlarge it, otherwise it won't work."

    ■Anyway, thank you for your patience to explain it to me Tod (staff)
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