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Does the editor support Targa (.TGA) files?

edited February 2016 in Help
I see it must be .PNG, can i somehow change the texture file format to .TGA? in Modeler or Unity?


  • It is not the support of the .tga file in Live2D Cubism Modeler.

    How do you save in the loaded .png and .psd the .tga file in photoshop?
    There is also a way to convert Web services and Unity Assets.
  • Thank you for response! :)

    In Modeler, we indeed cannot load other texture files format other than .png. So, i try to replace it in Unity.

    I already save my texture files to .tga then try to apply it in Unity, it doesn't read my textures, instead my model turned all white.

    I wonder if i can alternate this somehow in Unity, so it can read .tga?

    Before we buy "PNG to TGA Converter" we want to make sure, will that utility make Live2D able to read .tga or not? We are doubting any change since Live2D can't read .tga by default.
  • edited September 2015
    I have tried in the following environments .

    - Live2D version 2.1.00_beta_10 for Unity
    - haru model in Live2D Unity SDK Simple Project
    - Unity 5.2.0f3(Mac Yosemite)

    It was tga conversion in ONLINE-CONVERT Web service .
    In my environment , Live2D model tga without any problems has been drawn.

    I was used to tga file in Unity Live2D SDK.

    I think whether Unity image settings.
  • We tried "ONLINE-CONVERT" for our texture files but still appears like this...


    Image Setting in Unity...


    We also tried to convert .png file to .tga with photoshop, still appears with the same result. Our environment is :

    - Live2D 2.1 alpha6 (modeler)
    - Live2D SDK for Unity 2.0 / 2.1 (we tried both doesn't work, we usually use 2.0)
    - Unity 5.1.0f3
    - Windows 8

    Any idea why it doesn't read my textures? :(

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