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Rendering level problem!!

I got a problem about rendering level.

First, watch this pictures.

When i use normal diffuse shader. Everything was ok. I could change red frame in front of or behind the live2d model.

But, the live2d model is on the top when i use transparent/diffuse shader.No matter how i change model always on the top.

How can i solved this problem?

Forgiving my poor english!
1.png 334.2K
2.png 356.2K


  • Hi KevinHo,

    Rendering of Live2D models is done by calling DrawMeshNow function. However, if you render it with any other object that has some level of transparency, Live2D model ignores the depth information and ended up rendered on top of everything even if the other object is placed on top of Live2D model.

    To solve this, we advise you to use DrawMesh function instead of DrawMeshNow function.

    You can see some explanation here (in Japanese)

    Also, the latest version of the SKD for Unity (v2.0.01_1) has some bug for your case, so I recommend using a previous version v2.0.00_1
  • Following the tutorial. I got another problem!

    sdk version: v2.0.00_1
    camera: orthographics
    3.png 346.4K
  • Ah, you are seeing the model from the back.

    It's a bit confusing, but each texture faces front regardless of angle of camera. So if you see a model from from back, DrawOrder will be inverse, but each texture seemingly faces front.

    So I advise you to either turn the model around 180 degree or move the camera around 180 degree.
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