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Importing Live2d motion data in After effects?

edited February 2016 in Archive
Is that possible to import animation data of a model inside photoshop?

Sorry i didnt try this new after effects feature yet. but i got the doubt, when watching the feature video
I believe animating the models in Live2d animator may be easier than animating in aftereffects plugin..

Thank you :)


  • Hi james,

    I'm not sure what you are exactly asking, but you cannot import animation data into Photoshop.

    Yes, Animator is optimized for animating Live2D models with intuitive interface, so it's easier than AE. But the AE plugin allows you to integrate Live2D models directly into an AE composite, which for some people, much more useful than using Animator and AE separately.
  • sorry, thats not photoshop... its After Effects, my mistake.

    Yeah, what i am asking is... after we animate a model inside animator, can we just import that animation data inside AE plugin,

    Thank you
  • Currently, the AE plugin allows you to import Live2D model you make with Modeler but not animation data you make with Animator.

    If you want to make animation with Animator and use that in AE, the best way is to export PNG sequence with Animator and load the sequence in AE.
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